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Kenney on Tripadvisor:
“Did an escape room for the first time. Unfortunately didn’t escape, but really a super experience! Good guidance and well thought-out assignments!”

Caitlin on Escape Talk (Precious Room):
“This room is very good, hard puzzles. Working together is very important. Highly recommended!”

Leonie on Escape Talk (Wanna Play Room):
“The Wanna Play Room is really good. Been busy all the time and escaped in the last seconds. Highly recommended!”



Joyce on Escape Talk (Class Room):
“On Saturday entered the classroom of Ms. Hazel with 4 people. We listened carefully but were nevertheless still strictly speaking. Escaped within 60 minutes. Perfect room!”

Chris on Escape Talk (Lab Madness):
“Nice puzzles, nice story and nice decorations!”



Atholy on Escape Talk (News Room):
“The room is nicely decorated and the story is fun. De riddles aren’t that hard and you’ll go through it very well.”